Travelling with pets is the ultimate goal, but we all know how stressful sometimes that can be. This is why there is a number of special apps for pets and mobile recharge services like TelPug to make the experience more convenient for fur parents and their beloved animals.

As much as we dream of travelling with our pups and cats, it’s rarely as easy as it sounds. You need to find pet-friendly hotels and parks, know the pet laws in each destination, and be ready to Google pet first aid if necessary. That’s a lot to consider, which is why it’s important to stay connected to the internet wherever you are.

Here Are 9 Apps Every Travelling Fur Parent Needs


Pet First Aid

When travelling with pets, one of the top priorities for all fur parents should be first aid. In case of emergencies, Pet First Aid can give pet owners a crash course on how to take care of their dogs and cats.


Pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, and beaches are all go-to places for pet owners and their pets. BringFido highlights all of these pet-friendly destinations and gives owners all the information they need about these locations.


Whistle has all sorts of features that track your dog’s health and well-being. The app monitors their health, behaviour, fitness, and location, taking note of all of the pet activities you log into the app so you know the status of your dog’s wellbeing at all times.


Telemedicine was all the rage during the pandemic, and it’s even extended to animal welfare as well. Pets on vacation are far from their vets, so apps like PetPro are here to connect owners with veterinarians at the click of a button.


Dogs love to make friends, so what better way to connect with dogs nearby than through BarkHappy, the doggie version of a friends-only Tinder. Let your pup play and socialize with other dogs while on vacation.


Like babies, dogs and cats love YouTube. Whether it’s The Lion King, or Animal Planet, cats and dogs are smart enough to keep themselves entertained with whatever’s playing on YouTube. You could also play wacky sounds like cat meows to play with them and make your own amusing pet videos.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the number one app for everyone who travels, and for pet owners with pets, Google Maps lets you find nearby wooded areas for long walks, open areas for potty sessions, and even animal clinics and hospitals in case of emergencies.


Just as you’ll need Google Maps, you’ll also need Google if you’re travelling with pets. It’ll let pet owners search pet policies in certain destinations and even emergency response procedures for rare situations, like if your dog licks a frog or eats a lizard. You never know what might happen on your travels.

Find My

If you have an iPhone, then you can purchase an AirTag and attach it to your dog’s collar when you travel. It can act as a backup microchip that will track your dog via GPS on the Find My app in case your dog escapes or runs away.

All of these apps could be lifesavers for pet owners and pets, but they’ll require an Internet connection and mobile recharges, which you can get through useful services like TelPug.

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