Nowadays, staying connected is essential, not optional. Every day, people use their phones to talk to friends and family, communicate for work purposes, spread news, and search for information. Whether you’re stuck in an airport or hiking in the middle of nowhere, you can easily connect to the Internet if you have enough mobile credits. 

Public Wi-Fi might be accessible, but it’s not always safe. You put your mobile security at risk if you connect to unsecured networks, which is why having mobile credits is essential to our daily lives. If you can access mobile recharge services online, you can connect to data and go about your day knowing that your internet connection is secure. Here’s how staying connected through mobile credits can serve us every day.

Keep in contact with friends and family

Everyone communicates with their loved ones via mobile, whether it’s an emergency or just a regular day at work. It’s our primary medium of communication with friends and family, and without our phones, there’d be no other way to keep in contact with them (except for snail mail, but who does that any more?).

Communicate with work colleagues

Most office employees work on their laptops, but almost all use their mobiles to communicate with colleagues via apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and Slack. There are also thousands of work-related apps now to complement desktop programs. For example, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and Trello all have apps to keep you updated on work developments.

Stay updated on the news

Thanks to technology, we now receive news in real-time. We no longer have to wait until the next morning for a newspaper to be dropped on our doorstep. Stay updated on the latest developments locally and internationally through social media or news apps. During the pandemic, public health policies changed every other day and we all relied on our mobiles to search for the latest announcements and policies.

Book taxis or search train schedules

If you need a ride, you can connect to the internet to book taxis or an Uber. There’s nothing worse than being stranded somewhere because you don’t have enough mobile credits. You can also search for train schedules or bus routes to get around.

Book accommodation when travelling

Travel and tourism apps are on the rise as more users opt to use mobile apps to book their hotel rooms or Airbnb. Not everyone travels with their laptop, so mobiles make it easier to plan a stress-free trip.

Access maps and GPS

If you’re in a new city, navigation is important. Printed maps are rare nowadays as most people use their mobiles as maps and compasses. Apps like Google Maps can help us navigate to the nearest train station, museum, or wherever we need to go.

Translate foreign text or speech in real-time

Not all countries will speak your language. To enjoy a new city, you’ll need to download translation apps that you can use to communicate with locals. Translation apps can even translate text in real-time. Just take a picture of something you want to translate, like street signs, and you’ll get the image translated into your language.

Pay for items when you’re out of cash

Our phones are now our wallets, as well. If you ever run out of cash, you’ll need mobile credits to connect to data and open your wallets to make a payment. Whether it’s a savings account, mobile wallet, or credit card, there’s an app for every financing need. You just need data to access them.

Entertain yourself to end boredom

Perhaps the most used function of mobile phones is to end our boredom. Whether you’re scrolling through social media, listening to a podcast or reading an e-book, you can use your mobile to keep yourself entertained for a few hours.

To stay connected, phone credit is crucial. With Telpug you reload your phone in no time and you are always only a phone call or a message away.

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